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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 10pm  CW  March 7, 2012 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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there. but being discussed by millions right here. why it's crucial that kony become a household name. trying to prevent violence, and community fallout, like this. what police in one city did for the first time as a way to reach young people. it's happening there but being discussed by millions right here. why is crucial that kony the household name. >> what police and one said he did for the first time as the way to reach young people. >> and there is no way to pay the bills. ticket services restored pension payouts must be cut. the tough decisions facing south bay voters. >> it was popping up all over facebook today. the social media experiment that could help the government catch eight warlord.
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the idea is to catch them before they are sold into sex slaves. >> at davis park church of christ in modesto, lofty goal by the nonprofit invisible children. get the audience to care and do something about conflicts 9000 miles away. they will try to do this with the viral video entitled take kony 2012. >> the documentary is the giant social experiment. to pressure celebrities and lawmakers to find warlord joseph kony. 10 years ago go maker jason russell started documenting the conflict. >> after years of worldwide
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rallies and washington meetings that the maker can this president in october to send 100 military advisers to track down kony. when the attention fades, those advisers will go away to. >> the goal is to make in the household name through posters, stickers and especially social media. >> the facebook world where 750 million share ideas. patricia came as part of the worldwide blitz to tell her story of slipping in the jungle to avoid kidnappers. the video has been seen 20 million times in two days. patricia is amazed the world cares about uganda. there are so many people living
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in so much fear and so much agony, it makes me feel like there is hope for them and there is the future for them and that this world will be of better place for everyone. >> what makes you think that someone like you can make the difference. >> i think because of the numbers that they are bringing together. >> the world we live in has new rules. >> there is the police manhunt tonight. this team is one of two young men killed in her field late this afternoon. one victim eat teen years old from east paulo alto and the other is 24 from fairfield. both were shot near the parkway gardens condo complex. witnesses saw the suspect running way from the area carrying the black handgun. voted for the shooting is
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unclear. there could be absurd speech free killer still loose out there. speaking from death row, wesley sherman times said the second letter to our cbs affiliate in sacramento. he claims his former friend murdered 72 people. with the help of another man still walking the streets. he's notorious for cold-blooded murder, the shooting of the utah hunter. >> the signs saying no access to the state have been put up around an east bay convenience store after it was robbed not once but twice in recent weeks. surveillance photos were released today of two masked men on monument boulevard and concorde. the robber stole the purse from the customer and an attractive
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clerk. >> they tell them to take them to the cash register and to the back. they wrestle with him and hit him in the head and taken to the rest of the money. >> correct stole the through and through. ticket through today through man through been through tonight through church of through came as through 20 through gardens through to our through you plans show private sector funds across the country are underfunded by
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trillions of dollars. california has the problem of coming up short buy about $600,000. then we show san diego's plan. >> check green showed his city's newest library. it cost nearly $8 million in there are three others like it in the city but they are all in the. >> we don't have enough operating dollars to open this up to the public. >> why can't you afford it quick. >> our biggest cost factor and skyrocketing pension costs. >> pension costs have grown from $73 million in 2001 to 225 million. to pay those pensions to city has cut 2000 jobs including 49 firefighters and 66 police officers. the new police station is also empty. taxpayers are paying for
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services and should get those services. >> this began in the 1990's. california was flush with revenue from the .com and housing loans, brooms. >> when i first look at the numbers, i do at double take. >> joe nation studies government pension costs at stanford university. >> how does that feel that government workers are getting? >> the three were making 100,000, you retire at age 50. >> those type of tensions which is public safety. the annual firefighter will be here with average pension of about $95,000 per year.
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do you think that is acceptable? >> well, we certainly see the need for market correction and the benefit will come down. >> they are willing to come down from 90% of the salary to 75%. the mayor wants to cap at 65% for new hires and requires current workers to pay more into the city system. the unions now plan to sue the city. >> we have come to the table and offered to get even more and always have heard from the city is, here is our ballot did issue. >> the mayor hopes controlling pension costs will get his city back on track and finally open those empty libraries. >> eight warning tonight for voters in the san francisco bay. watch out for wales. another gray whale and her calf were spotted in the water today. witnesses reported seeing small boat speed up to get close to
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the wales recently announced considered rosman. >> that could result in the cap being separate from its mother and if they are not reunited that cap will die. >> if you are caught coming within 300 feet of me will you could face of fine of up to $10,000. crossing the line or protecting the public? when confrontations with the police turn public. there are usually very different sides to the story. elizabeth cook shows us how san francisco police they are trying to bridge the gap with the younger generation. >> she says the competition started after police told her group of friends that they were talking too loudly. it wasn't the first time she had that experience with someone wearing advantage. >> are you afraid of the
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police? >> somewhat, yes. because i'm african-american and some of the people and hang out with, they make them of threatening way like gangsters or something. >> tonight she took her concerns straight to the floor. for the first time the police and youth commission is not face-to-face to identify the issues plaguing both groups. from accusations of police brutality to the generational gap. there is not just the blue uniform, but there's the person that i wish is to help in anyway they can. >> confrontations with occupiers and the shooting of may 19 -year-old have left relations between youth and fully strained at best. but that's not what the meeting was about. >> the unfortunate thing about being an youth is that we have all been one or one time or another and we want to be aware of their needs and issues.
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>> ginny thinks things like this will help our journey. >> i know it's not every police, but it's still in my mind, but i can't always be mad at that because other people are different. >> she's all lottery winner and she is also the food stamp recipient. by being one does not legally keep her from being the other and how she legally defend herself. >> and she didn't break any laws that she could still be out of her job. the site gave them might have the teacher out of the classroom for good. apple's newest toy was unveiled today and we asked, does the pc out of place in the era of the tablet? >> from the cbs five weather center, clear skies , light
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winds and because of the combination we have all warning issued fortunate that you need to know about. the full 10-point forecast as eyewitness news continues.
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suspects one of its teachers may its teachers may be moonlighting, as a porn star. it is suspected the woman in this film is an 8th grade scie >> by california school districts suspect that one of his teachers may be moonlighting as they porn star. it's suspected that the woman in this film is an eighth-grade science teacher from an oxnard intermediate school. the school superintendent says no students were involved and it's not our criminal case but he says the education code says teachers must live up to the certain standard. >> if we can determine that, number one, this teacher did participate, and we can conclude that there is some type of moral turpitude violation, what could
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go discipline up to determination, termination. >> the teacher is on administrative leave until the investigation plays out. >> she won the lottery but she is still collecting welfare. she won $11 million in michigan's lottery last october. she bought an new house and buy new car purchase also collecting $200, but in food stamps. the single mother of two says she is still struggling. >> the lump sum dropped down to 700,000 and after taxes it was the little overhyped. >> taxpayers are struggling that really need that money. do you think you have our right to that money? >> i kind of do. i have no income. >> today at michigan lawmaker is trying to stop such
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assistance, which is not illegal. he said that food assistance should not go to those who have found riches to the lottery. >> what do you have for us this birthday girl? >> it wasn't good-looking day with highs across the bay area. 62 in san francisco and 70 degrees and santa rosa. see those red highlighted various? those are the areas in which the national weather service has issued to freeze warning for which encompasses northbay valleys and the santa clara valley because we anticipate temperatures in the 20's and low 30's at a few overnights. numbers pretty much in the 40s,
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and. precinct by valley, 34 degrees in concord and if you take the look right here, they have the slot opens up enough pressure producing an offshore flow. winds blowing from the north and east offshore. we continue to build clear skies tonight and then dry conditions the sunshine and, by much cooler air mass brawl next week, but we will take it back one day out of time. we will pinpoint your neighborhood forecast. those 70s across santa rosa. upper 60's in san jose. the extended forecast brings the one to stay up to 76. caught up over the weekend and i will leave the potential for at the chance of rain showers sunday all the way through wednesday of last week. in that issue will pinpoint forecasts.
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>> more speed and new features but the same name. today apple launched the third generation of its ipad. >> everyone has been wondering who will come out with eight product that is more amazing than the ipad two. stop wondering. we are. >> the innovative tablet could soon make pc is the thing of the past. >> at the unveiling, apple ceo tim cook said sales are so strong they are ending the era of the personal computer. >> we have sold more ipads in the fourth quarter of the last year than any pc manufacturer sold out their entire pc line worldwide. >> apple's launch of the ipad two years ago created over white, non. it's predicted that by 2016 more than 112 minor cannot don't pull on the tablet.
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the system requires virtually no training. >> is literally like pressing the button. >> and with so many applications to small, easy to use programs that run on tablets, the devices can do almost everything. at the zoom room, but los los angeles dog training center, they are used for check-in, billing and photographs. the owner says tablets save money too. costing about 65% less than desktop computers. >> running it off at 8216 is
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the godsend. >> it was 14 years before color tv speaking that not common in american homes. >> and apple is aiming to keep the market for tablets growing by dropping the price of its current ipad number two from $400 to 399. >> coming up, we have some pretty big shoes to fill that he is inspiring others to line up and try. >> the impact jeremy lin is having on basketball teams across the area. bay area ! here's big news from verizon wireless and xfinity from comcast.
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spiration." sharon chin shows us how jeremy lin is motivating asian athletes across just when you thought all the bad puns were over, akc lin-
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spiration. that is just lin-sane. look at how he's motivating asian athletes. >> the basketball team can't get enough of jeremy lin. >> he gives me hope that i could get to the higher level in basketball. >> team members they lin is homegrown hero from paulo alto is bigger than them. >> the point guard is making its mark as the stereotype buster. >> look at all the teams that have passed him up and colleges that cost him up. he did great at harvard, i just think maybe they realized that he had that talent as an asian-american. >> there's the stereotype of agents that they can't play
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ball. >> these competing with one of the area century old basketball league. they are mainly becoming cultural but now the ninth- grade underdog is training harder to win, motivated by lin. >> it makes their dreams more realistic. >> and jeremy lin has helped these kids take his shot at their dreams. >> it makes me think bigger and have bigger dreams. if you work hard, maybe you will come pushed out. >> and lin inspires education minded parents to tell their kids that they can do harbor and hoops. >> you can do both. play sports and get the great education. and hopefully because of jeremy lin, all of the kids will see that. >> on and off the court, many
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(car horn) paying with your smartphone instead of cash... (phone rings) that's a step forward. with chase quickpay, you can send money directly to anyone's checking account. i guess he's a kicker... again, again! oh, no you don't! take a step forward and chase what matters. 20th and had to face a grizzlies team that was hoping to extend ng streak agai the warriors return home for the first time since february 20 and have to face the risk losing those hoping to extend their five-game winning streak against them. start the clock please. it was all smiles tonight in oakland, that is filled with 21- four lead. rudy gay was spectacular today. the warriors got back and that
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they've were up by 13 in the second half. the warriors lose again. the first round of the pack 12 tournament, randall hit five three-pointers in the opening half and set the terms record with 27 points in the post. randall finishes with 30, and in the second round. they remember stanford beat them last weekend. the game was tied between the bulls and the box, but the reigning mvp derek gross wednesday. it relieves peyton manning today after 14 years on the team. >> i haven't got yet about where i will play but i've thought a lot about where i have been. and i have truly been blessed. >> did you hear that line where he said he hasn't thought about where he will play? later in the afternoon he was spotted in miami meeting with the dolphins owner. >> maybe he just went to get
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some sunshine. [laughter] >> while that won't be the only teen he meets with. you know that. >> there are a few. >> maybe he could back up payton. >> we will see you at 11. ,,,,
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